SBAC Islamic Banking Window

Islamic Banking Window

SBAC Bank Islamic Banking does not offer provisional rate for any types of Mudarabah Accounts aforesaid. In any partnership business partners agree on a profit sharing ratio rather than a provisional or fixed return between them before entering into any agreement. Partners do not expect a fixed return where risk is associated in business. Similarly, when customers open a Mudarabah deposit account with Islamic bank and put some fund, it is considered as his investment into the partnership business with the bank.
Customer and bank must agree on a pre-agreed profit sharing ratio. Actual rate will be determined every month-end according to the actual return from investment. Hence, there is no need for provisional rate or fixed rate, as calculation of profit is done monthly. This method of Mudarabah profit distribution is known as Investment Income Sharing Ratio (ISR).

Islamic Banking Functionalities

  • Al-Wadeeah Current (AWC) Account
  • Mudaraba Savings (MS) Account
  • Mudaraba Short Notice Deposit (MSND) Account
  • Mudaraba Monthly Savings Schemes (MMSS) Account
  • Mudaraba Term Deposit Receipt (MTDR) Account
  • Mudaraba Special Savings Pension (MSSP) Account
  • Mudaraba Hajj Deposit (MHD) Account
  • Mudaraba FC Account
  • Mudaraba RFCD Account
  • Mudaraba NFCD Account
  • Others

Bai Mechanism

  • Bai-Muajjal
  • Bai Bai-Murabaha
  • Salam & Parallel Bai-Salam
  • Bai-Istisna & Parallel Bai-Istisna
  • Bai-as-Sarf

Share Mechanism

  • Mudaraba
  • Musharaka
  • Diminishing Musharaka
  • Musharaka Local Documentary
  • Musharaka Foreign Documentary Bills

Lease Mechanism

  • Ijara
  • Ijarah Muntahia Bittamleak (Hire Purchase)
  • Hire Purchase under Shikatul Meelk (HPSM)
  • Ijarah Wa-Iqtina`(Diminishing Ijarah)

Qard Mechanism

  • Qard
  • Qard-e-Hasana (Benevolent Donation)

Import Finance

  • Wakalah Import Bill (WIB)
  • Murabaha Import Bill (MIB)
  • Murabaha Post Import (TR)

Export Finance

  • Bai Salam (Pre-shipment Finance)
  • Musharaka Local Documentary Bill (LDBP)
  • Musharaka Foreign Documentary Bills / Bai Sarf (FDBP)
  • Back to Back Murabaha L/C (Pre-Shipment Finance)