Corporate Financing

SBAC Bank Ltd. is providing a wide range of financial services, offering specialist advice and loan products to corporate clients to meet the diverse demands of changing market scenario. We have the expertise to customize products & services to meet the specific requirements of our clients. We are committed to serving our customers with an extensive branch network all over the country to expedite our client's business growth. We facilitate your business to face the challenges and realize the opportunities, now and in the future. Our focus is on relationship-based banking and understanding corporate & institutional business environments.

Our experienced Branch Managers & their team can respond to and anticipate customer needs and give competitive business advantages to them. Products and services for commercial and business customers include Working Capital Finance, Project Finance, Term Finance, Trade Finance, Lease Finance, Syndication loans, etc. Our Corporate Financing Category comprises:

  • Working Capital Finance: Business Enterprises engaged in manufacturing/ trading/ service business are eligible to avail Working Capital Loan to meet day-to-day expenses for processing of manufacturing and selling product & services. Working capital products include both fund and non-fund-based products. Fund-based working capital products include secured overdraft, cash credit, packing credit, and short-term loans payable on demand. Non-fund-based products include bank guarantees, performance guarantees, and bid bonds are also supporting the business of our customers.

  • Project Finance: SBAC Bank Ltd. Provides project loan to set up /BMRE of long-term infrastructure and industrial projects/ service units based on debt and equity rather than the balance sheets of project sponsors. Project financing has been recognized as an important and crucial mode of finance for a financial institution for substantial growth of its industrial credit vis-à-vis managing long-term finance. The growth of project finance/Industrial credit in a developing country like Bangladesh is considered a key parameter for transforming her dream into a mid-income country group. Hence, apart from trade and commercial finance; SBAC Bank Ltd. from the very beginning has been an active partner of the private sector in developing the large and medium-scale industries of the country. The Bank has been financing Term Loan (Industrial) facilities for establishing the new project and/or BMRE of various projects in the sectors viz. textile, garments, power, steel, telecom, pharmaceuticals, packaging, consumer products, health, CNG refueling, Real estate.

  • Term Finance: SBAC Bank Ltd. is offering short-term & mid-term finance to customers to meet the emergency financial needs of our project/business.     

  • Trade Finance: In short, Trade Financing of the Bank can be categorized as below:


  1. Letter of Credit: Business Enterprises can avail of the non-funded facility for import/procurement of raw materials, machinery, equipment, and merchandise item.

  2. Loan against Imported Merchandise (LIM) and Loan against Trust Receipt (LTR): Business Enterprises engaged in import merchandise can avail working capital for the retirement of import documents.


  1. Pre-shipment finance: Back-to-Back L/C, EDF, ECC, SOD (Working Capital Finance), Packing Credit.

  2. Post-shipment finance: Foreign Documentary Bills Purchase, Inward Documentary Bill Purchase.

  • Lease Finance: Lease financing became a thrust sector for individual and small enterprises besides medium and large enterprises. SBAC Bank Ltd. has been providing lease finance facilities to its customer for the acquisition of manufacturing and service equipment for all major industrial sectors. The facility helps the customer to have better financial flexibility under budgetary constraints and to enjoy tax benefits. SBAC Bank Ltd. offers financing vehicles/ CNG conversion/ refueling plant/ sea or river transport, capital machinery/ plat/ equipment/ lift /generator/ boiler, construction equipment/ computer for IT education center, medical equipment etc.

  • Syndication Loan: SBAC Bank Ltd. along with other commercial banks has been financing large-scale projects under syndication arrangements to raise and meet the huge credit needs of a company. This arrangement allows the Banks to share expertise among themselves and diversify their credit risks. To cater to the need of leading corporate houses SBAC Bank Ltd. has been raising funds from the banking sector on behalf of the customer through a syndication arrangement.